A wildlife story from Butterwell Farm in Cornwall.

Nearly 8 years ago we put an owl box up, a gift from Rachel’s 90 year old Nanna. We never expected anything to nest in it but if she visited she would be able to see it from her chair. Over the last 7 years we have never noticed any activity at the box. Although Tawny families have always been present in the trees surrounding the Butterwell properties.

Last month, wildlife photographer, Graham Stewart, staying in Apple Tree Cottage, spotted an adult Tawny peeping out of the owl box. He took a great photo! We kept an eye on the box, hoping that it was finally being used. Two days later we looked out of the window to see the box was on the floor!  Sam found the box rotted out and there were 3 baby owls on the floor. The weight of droppings and the babies inside the box had broken the box and made it fall to the ground. Sam quickly put together a new box and now the owlets have a solid oak floor – very plush! Sam quickly got the box back in the tree with some fresh bedding inside, along with the three owlets. The adult owl was observed returning to the box and the owlets went on to thrive and fledge.

Big thanks to Screech Owl Sanctuary for the reassurance that we did the right thing.

Stay at Butterwell Farm:

To experience exceptional wildlife on your doorstep, book a stay at Butterwell Farm. Self-catering riverside holiday properties and 40-acre private wildlife estate on the River Camel in Cornwall. Butterwell Farm estate is preserved predominantly for wildlife and has a huge variety of habitats for resident bird species.

To read more about the wildlife at Butterwell Farm and some beautiful photos taken on site please visit our wildlife page and bird watching page.