The Eden Project is one of Cornwall’s top attractions. Many people visit Cornwall just to experience the Eden Project. The project took two and a half years to construct and was opened to the public in March 2001. They have since added the Core Building in 2005, which was recently transformed again and now homes the permanent “Invisible Worlds” exhibition; a major new permanent exhibition that reveals the world beyond our senses.  The Core Building includes the giant Infinity Blue sculpture which breathes out vapour rings, the incredible Seed sculpture, The Lab, Play Lab and soft play, cafe with outside dining area and many more fascinating exhibits.



There are two biomes – the rainforest and Mediterranean biome.  The 50-metre tall rainforest biome houses the world’s largest rainforest in captivity, which now incorporates the Rainforest Canopy Walkway – The Weather Maker.  It offers breathtaking views across the Biome, and helps explain the importance of rainforests. The new Weather Maker section includes a rope bridge, a cloud bridge and an immersive exhibit where you can shelter from tropical rain storms.


Eden is a great place to visit at any time of the year and Butterwell Farm has perfectly located accommodation near to the Eden Project.  There are special events and temporary exhibitions throughout the year.  The ice skating rink which is installed for most of the winter season is a big hit with little ones.  A visit to Father Christmas‘s magical “yurt” grotto is something very special indeed.




There are a variety of places to eat at Eden.  There are two main restaurants in-between the two biomes, as well as other smaller food kiosks that all serve a variety of exotic and local Cornish produce.  The Mediterranean restaurant inside the Mediterranean Biome serves delicious pizzas and more and it really feels as if you’re on a foreign holiday!


The Eden Project is accessible for people of all ages and abilities. Even our children age one have been able to negotiate both biomes and loved getting up close with all the unusual vegetation, the roul-roul partridges and Sulawesi white-eye birds, and water features.


Am I allowed to say my favourite part is the gift shop!!  I have heard some of our regular guests say they go there just for the shop (which you don’t need to pay admittance for).  They sell a wonderful variety of both exotic and local Cornish plants, foods, clothing, award-winning toys and gifts.  Their products are ethical, sustainable and many recycled.


Eden also hosts it’s regular “Eden Sessions” which sees many internationally acclaimed musicians perform sell out concerts against the stunning backdrop of the lit up biomes.