Latest news from Butterwell Fishery on the River Camel.

As featured in Trout and Salmon magazine Fishing Reports.

15th December 2023:


Well that’s the end of another season at Butterwell and probably our most challenging to date! The night fly sea-trout fishing started slowly with very low water and was then almost wiped out from mid-July with persistent coloured water until the end of August. So a total of 24 sea-trout was very disappointing. Equally disappointing was the lack of large specimens. The largest sea-trout at 2lb 8oz caught by Sam. Obviously we can speculate that the conditions and lack of rods played a big part and hopefully 2024 will be more normal. Just when rain was needed, as we switch to salmon fishing on September 1, we were hit by a drought and very low water. When the weather broke in mid-September conditions were favourable until mid-October. Anglers managed six salmon with the largest being a brace of 10lb fish caught by Chris Jefford and Peter Ayton. There is little doubt from the observations of our guests that the Camel had a better head of salmon than in recent years. As I write the river is charging through bank high, as it has been since storm Babet in mid-October, effectively bringing to an end the salmon fishing somewhat prematurely. Butterwell has fared much better than many rivers, with Kiran at the beginning of November, causing little damage to the watercourse and surrounding habitat. We just have to hope the persistent high water will not wash out too many redds in the upper river, tributaries and leats.

We were very pleased to complete the renovation of Cobnuts Stable in August. With two separate double/twin bedrooms, in addition to the original bedroom/lounge, the property is ideal for small groups of anglers who don’t want to take one of our larger properties.

Looking ahead to 2024, we can expect the first runs of sea-trout to start in June with the larger fish making an early appearance followed by smaller fish throughout the summer. We are hoping conditions will be better for our night fly anglers in 2024.  With reasonable flows we can also expect salmon to occupy the Butterwell pools from June to add to the sport by day in high water and then build up for the commencement of daytime salmon fishing from 1 September.

By the time the Camel season starts on 1 May we will hopefully have news of the 2023 juvenile surveys and the EA’s plans for safeguarding the future of Camel salmon and sea-trout going forward, including an update on water quality measures for the Camel catchment.

We would like to thank all the anglers who visited Butterwell in 2023, and wish you all a very merry Christmas and tight lines for 2024!

To book fishing and/or accommodation in 2024 please call Sam on 07766 224 258 or email

2.5lb sea trout being returned to the River Camel

18th November 2023:


After relatively good conditions to mid-October and some reasonable results at Butterwell the deluge predicted in the last report materialised in the form of Storm Kiran at the beginning of November and has been followed by several other deep depressions bringing rain and floods to Cornwall. The conditions have been far from ideal for most of the Butterwell fishing but this did provide the opportunity to fish areas which are more fishable in high water.  Peter Ayton managed to land a nice 10lb hen fish from his persistence in the wooded area. Several other bright looking salmon and lots of sea trout have been seen running late but have been on the move due to conditions. As I write the river is nearly bank high and coloured but there is some hope in the forecast for the final month of the season to 15 December that the South may get dryer conditions which will enable the river to settle to a good fishable height and provide a good opportunity in what undoubtedly has been a year with better numbers of salmon in the Camel. Rods are still available all the way to 15th December. To book fishing and/or accommodation this year or in 2024 please call Sam on 07766 224 258 or email

man fishing on the banks of the river camel

19th October 2023:


After the slow start to salmon fishing at Butterwell Farm in September the dry conditions were replaced by good water heights for the latter half of September and the first half of October. Visiting anglers were a little thin on the ground but had success. Mike Laughlin managed another salmon of 8lb, the second of his visit. Chris Jefford also had a brace for his visit, the largest a fresh hen fish of 10lb. Finally Jake Dodge had a hen of 5lb. As I write in mid-October the river is about to get another dousing from Storm Babet so we can expect conditions to remain favourable. Rods are still available all the way to 15th December. To book fishing and/or accommodation call Sam on 07766 224 258 or email

angler holding fishing net in river with salmon inside

22nd September 2023:


Butterwell Salmon fishing got off to a slow start with the start of September coinciding with the driest two week spell of the entire summer. So a very difficult time for Sea Trout in high water and then finally settled conditions when we switched to Salmon fishing by day on the 1st September. When the weather broke in mid-September Salmon began to run and a fresh cock fish of 5lb was taken in the Denbys by Mike Laughlin and others were seen. As I write the Camel is now in good order and we are hopeful for some more action. Rods are still available all the way to 15th December.

Hand holding a fishing rod and reel