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Butterwell Farm is the premier destination in the Southwest for sea trout and salmon game fishing. Butterwell offers anglers a good chance of catching sea trout in excess of 5lb on night fly and large autumn salmon all the way to the season close on 15 December when nearly all other fisheries are closed. Our ten-year average catch is 39 Salmon and 90 Sea Trout per season. The fishing comprises of approximately half a mile of double bank water plus half a mile of single bank water with 18 holding pools. We have a maximum of 4 rods and the river is divided into equal beats daily depending on number of rods and conditions. During the salmon season, if conditions permit, we can allow a 5th rod. We can also allow more rods if you are all part of the same fishing group.

Day tickets available | £40 per day

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THE SEA TROUT SEASON runs from 1st May until 31st August which is typically night fly-fishing only.  However if the water levels are high and other conditions permit, we can also allow daytime fly-fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout. Once the water is low and clear, and a reasonable number of sea trout have gathered in the pools, fishing reverts to night fly-fishing ONLY for sea trout. Guests booking this period should understand that conditions on the river will dictate the type of fishing permitted at short notice and at the owner’s discretion.

THE SALMON SEASON runs from 1st September until 15th December when we allow fly fishing, spinning and bait fishing by day.  All Salmon are required to be released unharmed. There are restrictions on hook sizes to a maximum gape of 13mm on single hooks and 8mm double and treble hooks for all types of fishing. Treble hooks are not to be used from 30 September other than with a fly. All hooks are required to be barbless. Fully crimped barbs are acceptable. Bait fishing is restricted to shrimp and prawn using a single hook.  At the owner’s discretion, we also encourage night fly-fishing for Sea Trout in September if we continue to experience a late run of fresh fish.

“Honestly the best fishing accommodations & holiday in 10 years. Sam walks the beat with you and offers any support needed to get that elusive catch! We will be back!”
“Butterwell magic. Perfect place to sip a glass of chilled local wine and catch wild salmon and sea trout. What’s not to enjoy!”

We like to do a beat walk with our fishermen to show them the river and also divide and rotate the beats equally and fairly depending on numbers, conditions and the dates you are fishing.  All anglers should hold a current E.A. salmon and sea trout license. Anglers are also required to inform the owner of their catches so the record book can be updated.

As we are predominately a catch and release fishery, please try and keep your catch in the water facing into a well oxygenated current, other than for a quick photo and if you do hold your fish please ensure you use wet hands.

All Sea Trout over 50cm (3lb), and all those caught after 31st August, must be returned.  A maximum of 2 Sea Trout can be taken per day per angler.  The hook restrictions above also apply to fly fishing for Sea Trout.

We also have a couple of ponds at Butterwell which are available for residents to fish free of charge year round.  These ponds hold a variety of small fish including roach and rudd.  It is required by law that you hold a current E.A. non-migratory trout and course license.


£40 per day or £200 for the week.


It is advisable that anglers are competent at casting before nighttime fly-fishing is attempted during the sea trout season (1st May to 31st August).


We offer an introduction to fly-fishing including the use of basic equipment and tackle.


This includes:

1-hour introduction to fly-fishing.  Theory, methods, tactics and handling of the fish.

1-hour casting practice including back casting and possibly roll casting.

After which, if you’re feeling confident, it’s time to get on the river bank and practice your casting for real!


Tuition prices:

£40 per hour

£120 half day (3 hours)

£200 full day (6 hours including 1 hour lunch break)


Please remember you will need to purchase a fishing license for £12 per day which you can do online on the day, unless you already hold a current EA Salmon and Sea Trout licence.

Other Information
The River Camel rises on Bodmin Moor and flows some 25 miles down to the sea at Padstow on the North Coast of Cornwall.

The Butterwell Fishery is approximately 1 mile above the tidal reaches.  The river tumbles through rugged moorland and then through woodlands and forestry, which has kept it free of pollution and ensured the survival of large runs of sea trout and salmon.

We have 18 pools at Butterwell, which are very popular for holding both sea trout and salmon.  Butterwell is the premier fishery in the southwest for Sea Trout and Salmon.

The fishing season starts at the beginning of May and we normally have a small run of largish Sea Trout (between 3-5 lbs) between May and June. However, the main run of Sea Trout does not begin until June. The Sea Trout fishing is usually the best in July and August but we have experienced a good run of fresh fish in September in the last few years.

The first good runs of Salmon traditionally begin in September and, from then on, fresh salmon enter the river with every spate or even just on the high spring tides until late season closes on December 15th.  In the last few years we have also experienced early runs of multi winter Salmon in May and June and reduced runs in late season.

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