Slow grown and extremely delicious

Born and reared at Butterwell Farm and butchered at Lobbs, Ruthernbridge. Our flock of Jacobs are free to roam our 40-acre estate on the banks of the River Camel helping us to manage our land with conservation and biodiversity in mind. Purely fed on natural pastures rich in wild grasses, flowers and herbs. If you’re looking for delicious, sustainable, local, small scale, free range, high welfare meat with very low food miles then please get in touch to order.

Mutton is from sheep over two years old. The extra age gives it a darker colour with a characteristic flavour that is richer than lamb. Hogget is from sheep between one and two years old.

Order: info@butterwellfarm.com | 07841383343

CHOPS (4 PER PACK)    £9.00 mutton per kilo

All joints are frozen and vac packed and labelled.